Sunday, 11 May 2014


So after all that faffing that 9point88 made me do with my film, it didn't get short listed. I'm kind of not surprised. But I liked it so that's enough. And one of my class mates had his film short listed so great for him. considering out of 20 there were only 5 animations short listed and one of them wasn't really an animation. On to the next competition I guess :(

Sunday, 27 April 2014

life drawing

It feels like a while since I did something bizarre like post naked people on here so how about we do that!!

I admit to having a bad semester. so these are three from my better sessions. This semester I tried to do new things and they literally didn't work. It's not that I got a life drawing I was just generally displeased with, it's that I didn't actually get a life drawing haha. These ones though, I liked.

other things I have done

Now that all my projects are over I have some other things to share with you all, other things I have done at college but not things I've shared here yet. I'll kind of briefly explain them as well. So I'm going to start with symposium which we do twice a year woo. Erm I'm only going to show you the last one because it's actually film related. This semester we were allowed to create our own response from a group chosen strand off a topic that we were given and a bus route as well. We were given no. 35 and the topic decay so we decided to look at specifically social decay. So I took a part of the route I know well and I happen to know has changed - Leith walk. (I feel like I'm always looking at Leith Walk).

It's been a while since I actually did this projects so I can't really remember my thinking too much but I know the idea was a synthesis of time. Almost like time was breaking a part and their were flashbacks to different events in time and things. The thinking was to present two different versions of the same area presented in a dream like time distortion which allows the viewer to decide if a modern society is the decayed or non decayed side. erm so here it is.

And here's a link to the blog the group had to keep explaining our pieces and our collaboration -

Ok so next. During innovative learning week I signed up for another collaboration but this time with neuroscience and psychology students. The aim of the project was to create a piece, any piece that synthesises all these areas. It didn't have to be art portraying science or art accompanying science. It could be whatever we want based on whatever we want. So the way the numbers turned out it meant one artist to around 3/4 main university students. It was actually very good fun and I really enjoyed working with areas of the main university because they actually want to help you create the art. We picked an interesting topic that was in the news recently and one that everyone can relate to - dreams. Recently both the Japanese and the Americans have been working on technology to allow them to pretty much reverse engineer peoples dreams to they can see them. Which has amazing potential in terms of medical research but also a great risk for privacy invasion. So we wanted to look at this by creating an instillation where you could scan your dreams and see pre constructed dreams that display these benefits and concerns in a dream like display of images and sounds. It was a project I was excited by and here's the sample of the film we made to explain our concept to art-neuroscience -

Ok so turns out it's gone from my home computer but I shall upload it once I've re-exported it from the uni computer, promise.