Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Ok so after that I took part in a really amazing talent development workshop at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and It was really good. I learnt all kinds of useful information about the animation field that I'll be sure to take on board as I stumble through my career. I met lots of awesome people, including swampy, one of the creators of Phineas and Ferb (Have some signed sketches now as well).

Aside from the just plain awesomeness and relevance of the festival I am telling you this for a reason. I managed to get some work out of the workshops as well. I was the youngest and least experienced person there and therefor I admittedly had no idea which jobs sucked, which ones you don't want to be stuck doing and which ones nobody ever wants to do. Which made me the perfect person to do some colouring in for one of the colleges graduates. And to be quite honest I didn't find colouring boring at all. My shoulder did get kind of sore but that's ok.

She was working on a short clip to be played in a cinema before each screening, a sort of cinema indent or sting I think. However she had another project coming up and still some work to be done on this one. Which is where I come in. I did the colouring in and in return she taught me how to use photoshop.

Which then lead me to make this, horrifyingly mistake ridden, wobble, ill-researched walk cycle of a fox. I was actually trying the colouring technique out and not at all the actual animation. As I know foxes don't walk like that. It just got worse when I tired to make it into a gif, he moves far to fast. Yet I know if I don't try these things out I will never learn to use them, right? Exactly. So the technique I was actually trying to use in my own work is the one I was taught. It involves taking the object you wish to colour and filling it with a pattern that will sit behind the object. Which is really cool because it stays in the same place as the character moves across it.

For example the telly show "chowder" used this technique and I used to ponder how they had done it.  Here's a picture.

So the characters with patterned clothing or patterned skin use this technique. When they move the pattern will stay where it is.

I have yet to completely try this technique out because I haven't had photoshop for very long and it's being problematic so I have some bugs to work out before I can really get animating but I have given it a good shot...

Remember what I said about pretty much everything being wrong though...

Mclaren 2014

so I feel like it's been a while since I posted anything so I'm going to do a few today just to show you what I've been up to over my long summer and prove that I haven't just been sitting around playing animal crossing and battleblock theatre. So there's one I can't show you till I get the go ahead. but I'll talk a little bit about it at some point. The first thing I have to show you is a project I worked on with a few other people from my department and some composers also from the college. It was a small animated concert taking part during this years mclaren 2014 events. So I haven't gotten the actual animations back yet. Although I will ask Andrew for a copy of the one we did and put it up here as soon as I have it, but I do have a recording of the first piece which all of the animators worked on and the music was composed by Alecsandra Kovac.

This was actually a lot of fun to do, we all made loops of roughly 33 seconds and ran them together to create these pieces. Then for some of the pieces we created phonotropes with the help of the awesome Jim Le Ferve and we showed them as well (I have a photo of mine somewhere but I haven't quite figured out my new laptop yet so bear with me). Was a really nice night and I had a good time.

So I guess that's the first, very overdue, update. I'm not kidding that was months ago now.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


So after all that faffing that 9point88 made me do with my film, it didn't get short listed. I'm kind of not surprised. But I liked it so that's enough. And one of my class mates had his film short listed so great for him. considering out of 20 there were only 5 animations short listed and one of them wasn't really an animation. On to the next competition I guess :(