Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Merry Christmas from ECA

Hello everyone and merry Christmas! Every year in the ECA animation department we make animated christmas cards. Just something a bit festive for the end of the year. This year we have an advent calendar! 

I really probably should have put it up here earlier so you could see them all in turn but I didn't. My bad.

Anyway here they are now and you can see all the previous animations and the last like 7 or something. I have booked a day, so don't forget to check on the 21st!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

World in A Room - Finished

I have finished my world in a room project. This project is one I am very proud of now I have reached the end I have a film I am very happy with.

Surprisingly I didn't struggle with the CG half of the animation and in actuality I hit very few problems I couldn't solve. It's been interesting learning things I thought I would never wrap my head around as usually I am very hands on and things that involve a lot of technical work are typically beyond me but this I felt wasn't to far gone for me to learn. As a result I am using Maya for my last animation of the semester. (Although that's giving me a lot of headaches) The things I enjoyed about the CG side were getting to focus so much on full body and really think about key frames - Maya does some really strange things if you don't make your keyframes very obvious for it - so working that out was interesting to say the least. I think I really surprised myself with this project as it wasn't at all the type of thing I expected to find myself enjoying or using again and both have happened.

As for the stop motion side I felt for the first time since I started at ECA that I actually might be informed about what I am doing. I had my aperture change on me half way through which was a nightmare as I didn't figure out that was the problem until I had finished animating. sigh. However short of that I knew exactly how to work all the equipment and had enough animation knowledge to animate convincingly. Needless to say I was pleased at the end.

I swear I'm nearly finished and you can watch the film so soon. Now editing; I felt I got a better grip on that too. Following this semesters first project I began to think about my editing right from the get go. As a result my post production editing took far less time to complete than usual and was sped up further by making edits as I made the footage. So by the time it came to the crit I was very happy with my edit and although I made some choices based on feedback at the crit very little needed changing. Just some shots removed that may not have been necessary. So again very pleased there.

And as promised: The film! (it's a link because it's on vimeo)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

You're Final World in a Room Progress Post

So yesterday was my stop motion day! Woohoo stop motion! As we were working on a really tight time scale I couldn't have the 3D suite space for longer than a day, which I thought was going to be really stressful. So yesterday morning I got up very early (like half 6, but only because my bandage fell off during the night and i had to get up and replace it before my wound got infected. Was a brilliant start to my morning) and I was in the department working by half 8. Then blah blah blah, millions of problems, lots of stress. Then bam! done at half 4. I was very confused by this point because I was expecting it to take all day and be 50 times more stressful than it was. So lucky me.

I can't show you anything because blogger uploads to youtube and I would have to share rights with them so I only ever put up my really basic tests and at this point a good few things are finished. I'm so nearly done.

Still left to do are the final renders of the maya half of the film. Which will undoubtedly throw up lighting issues as my character will just end up a black blob half the time. So there's that and then the final edit and render plus sound. Most of which I've already sourced. Just two more sounds to find/record myself. Which I guess I'd better think about some time soon...

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Some really cool stuff coming I promise!